Terms of Service and Rules

Our Objective

To promote an enjoyable and laid-back atmosphere.

How we will do this:

  • By using mod powers as infrequently as possible except when absolutely needed.
  • By not putting ourselves above the rest of the community simply due to our status.
  • By giving the rest of the community a say in what happens with the site.
  • By opening up the ability to author content on the main sites to regular members.
  • By goofing around with powers (unmaliciously) in order to keep things from getting too SERIOUS BUSINESS.

The "Rules

Don't do this shit: Excessive advertising, post a new thread in the inappropriate board, post a thread with the same exact topic as an existing thread, porn, word games, or be a dumbass.

Please do this shit: Post intelligently, respect your fellow members, thumbnail large images, post in English, use common sense, and be the opposite of a dumbass.

We try not to have a long list of "Rules," as the first step to a good community falling apart is oftentimes a ton of arbitrary "policies" for people who otherwise know how to behave. Once you have those, you need a team of "staff" who have to then decide at their own discretion who is breaking said "rules." This leads to some members putting themselves above the others, and here we will have none of that, and basically trust that our community will act civil.

If you absolutely have to post something that may incite flame wars, spam a bunch of nonsense, or maybe things that might not be completely safe for work, then remember that we have a Series of Tubes for that exact purpose.